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Sunday, 02 March 2008
Please read these before you start uploading.


Members can now view the list of assignments they have uploaded in their Member Profile, under the REMOSITORY tab.  However, your assignments uploaded by others, and those modified by the moderators will not be reflected in your list.

You can still search for your own assignments by typing in your name in the Search Box located at the top-right hand corner of this website after you log-in. 


Welcome to Physics is FUN!
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Friday, 30 November 2007

From the beginning of time, people have congregated in groups to ensure their survival, development and evolution.

Physics is FUN! is set up by a group of teachers in Singapore with the common belief of collective sharing and mutual co-operation.  This is an online knowledge network environment to collaboratively access, manage and share resources in a single platform anytime and anywhere.  It facilitates the effective sharing of ideas, knowledge and communication between teachers, and delivers a rich teaching and learning environment.  It also allows the sharing of any types of school-created teaching and learning digital resources such as assessments, static and interactive learning, lesson plans, projects, URLs, games and practical resources.

ImageFeatures on Physics is FUN! are as follows:

  • More disk space of 100GB
  • Higher upload capability
  • Topical arrangement
  • Better visual organization
  • More descriptions
  • Search function
  • Greater security

Physics is FUN! empowers you to have a wider range of utilities available for easy sharing, content discovery, search and refinement, feedback soliciting and leveraging communication channels to interact within groups.  It significantly reduces your workload by enabling you with the capacity to share resources and teaching ideas.  By having a knowledge network, it offers a novel collaborative solution for creating, refining and delivering knowledge.

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